Our mission:

At Milagros, we strive to add a pinch of love into the hearts of everyone who try our creations, whether they are humans or pets.

Our vision:

We want to be recognized as a little piece of Heaven on Earth. After trying our products and experiencing our services, people will realize that Heaven is for real!

Our values:

  • Respect, respect, respect
    For others, for ourselves, for nature, and the earth.
  • Sharing
    Because nothing taste as good as when you share it with your loved ones.
  • Caring
    When  we care about others and about ourselves, there is no place left for selfishness, loneliness, nor sadness.
  • Honesty
    Honesty creates confidence and trust, which are the base of every good enterprise.
  • Empathy
    Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes allows us to have a better point of view, it help us increase our knowledge of the world, and it breaks language barriers.
  • Service
    Treat others the way you want to be treated. Like royalty!
  • Hardwork
    The only way to achieve success.
  • Friendship
    Is there anything better? Friendship invloves respect, honesty, sharing, caring,empathy, service and hardwork.